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An important part of the software is the documentation - the technical manuals that describe the operation and use of the program. As part of our effort to create a high level software tool for fluvial simulations, we want to provide all users with proper and comprehensive documentation in an easily accessible form as PDF-files.

First Steps

If you are new to BASEMENT, you might prefer to read the documents below before starting with the installation.

After the installation, you might want to go through the User Manual which describes the overall topic of hydraulic and morphologic simulations or have a look at the  FAQ. A more detailed documentation is the Reference Manual describing the classes, interfaces and input syntax of the program.

Current Version

System Manuals of BASEMENT

Below, you can download the most actual documentation available. A complete version of the documentation is also packed in the software itself.

Introduction and Installation

This part of the user manual includes release specific information and describes the installation procedure.

User Manual

The user manual describes the general features of the software, including pre- and postprocessing.

Reference Manual

The reference manual contains details about the implemented models and numerical schemes.


The tutorials are a collection of example simulations that are explained step by step.

Test Cases

The test case collection shows the performance of selected features of the software.

Auxilliary Documentation

The documents below contain version specific information about file formats.

Block List

This HTML-document contains the complete block list of the command file. Useful as reference during model setup.

BASEchain Geometry Format

This HTML-document contains the description of the cross sectional geometry used for 1-D simulations.

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