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The BASEMENT software is made of contributions of different individuals since 2002. Please find a list of contributors below. The current project team of the project includes the development team and the scientific board.

At this point, sincerely thanks are given to the previous members for their valuable contributions.

Credits (in alphabetical order)

Name Role
Adami, Luca Documentation and Test
Boes, Robert Member of Project Board and Scientific Board
Caponi, Francesco Developer
Ehrbar, Daniel Developer
Facchini, Matteo Developer
Fäh, Roland Scientific Advisor
Farshi, Davood
Gerber, Marco Developer
Kammerer, Stephan Documentation and Test
Koch, Aurélie Documentation and Test
Minor, Hans-Erwin Member of the Project Board
Müller, Renata Developer
Peter, Samuel Developer
Rousselot, Patric Developer
Siviglia, Annunziato Scientific Advisor, Member of Scientific Board
Thürig, Walter Graphic Design
Vanzo, Davide
Developer, Member of Scientific Board
Veprek, Ratko Developer
Vetsch, David Project Director, Member of Scientific Board
Volz, Christian
Vonwiller, Lukas Developer
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