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Feel free to have a look at the discussion in the user forum without registration. If you already have registered, login and discuss!

Otherwise, please register to stay up to date about new releases and important changes of the software and to submit your own posts.

Since the first release of BASEMENT in 2006, the user community and the popularity of the software has been constantly growing. Albeit we never offered official support service, users reported problems and shortcomings by email. This exchange of software and model related information has often resulted in bug fixes and has been a valuable contribution to improve quality.

However, new experiences were only moderately or not at all shared among users to this day. Thus we decided to launch a user forum, where users can share their problems with other users. The main objective of the forum is to provide solutions and gain experience. Software bugs can also be addressed of course. The forum is moderated by the development team and thus allows for direct discussion with the experts.We look forward to a vivid discussion!

Please note:

All support requests will be forwarded to the user forum, since there is no support service for the software. Thank you for your understanding.

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